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Word Affirmations

Words matter. They matter a lot. Most people don't think of it this way, but the truth is that every word you think, whether it's negative or positive, is an affirmation. The words you use are how you see yourself and how you currently view the world. When you understand this, you begin to see how the words you use can frame how you see who you are at this moment and your overall world view. The good news is that the words you're currently using don't have to be the words you use going forward.

This is where word affirmations can have a profound impact on your life. Word affirmations are a powerful way to see yourself and the world in a positive light and attract that positivity to your life. While you may not see the effects that negative thoughts have at the moment when they're said and thought, they reaffirm that to be your current personal truth. The good news is that if you choose to replace those negative words with truthful positive words, the positive words will replace the negative ones as your personal truth.

Using our free online tool of word affirmations is easy and powerful. We haven't created a list of affirmations because we know that an affirmation you create specifically for yourself is much more powerful than one you adopt from a list someone else made. Instead, the tool gives you a single positive word. You can then take this word and create an affirmation that is geared specifically to you at this moment in time. Each time you generate a new word affirmation, you have an opportunity to create a new positive affirmation for yourself.

Create Your Own Affirmations

One of the biggest problems with affirmation lists is that that these lists are a positive affirmation that you can adopt, but they aren't an affirmation you actually created yourself. That's where the word affirmations generator comes into play. It gives you a random positive word that you can then use to create an affirmation that's true to your self. This makes the affirmation much more powerful because you haven't borrowed it from someone else, but you have specifically created it for yourself. You own your affirmations since you created them yourself for yourself.

Self Reflection

By using positive words and incorporating them into your current self and world view, you have to take the time to self reflect on where you are and where you ultimately want to be. Since you must take a word affirmation and figure out how to make that into a positive self-affirmation with where you are today, it gives you the time to actually spend some time understanding who you are. This is something that isn't always easy, but taking the time to do this self-reflection can make the self-affirmations you choose all that more powerful when you say them.


When you're creating your affirmations, you want to remember to create ones that are affirming, positive, empowering, and most of all honest. By using this tool to generate word affirmations, you put yourself in a position to do all of these things from the simple fact that you have no idea what word will appear. You must take the random word that appears and sculpt that into an affirmation that is true to yourself. This process of being honest while creating these will make your affirmations all that more powerful when you use them.

Daily Affirmation

While there are many ways to use this generator, one of the most common is to create a daily affirmation. You simply generate a random positive word each morning when you get to your computer and that's your word affirmation for the day. You then create one or more positive affirmations from that word to affirm to yourself and ultimately incorporate into your conversations and actions for the day. This ensures you don't get in a rut of saying the same affirmations day in and day out, but are actively creating them on a daily basis.

Creating Affirmations

Another way that this tool is often used is to create a list of affirmations that are specific to you. In this case, you generate a random positive word and then create a positive affirmation from it. Then you generate a new word and create another affirmation from it. You can write these down in list form so that you eventually have a long list of affirmations that are specifically created for you. Some also cut these int small sheets and put them into a jar and then pick one out of the affirmation jar to be their guiding affirmation for the day. However you decide to use them, since you created each of them specifically for yourself, they are all yours.

Time Change, Affirmations Do Too

Too many people think that affirmations are static. This is another reason why creating your own for yourself can be so much more powerful than borrowing them from a list you found. One important thing to remember is that the affirmations you create today aren't going to necessarily be the same ones you need or want a year from now. It's good to come back to this generator to use the word affirmations to create new positive affirmations for yourself on a regular basis. By doing this, not only do you assure that the affirmations you use are current to your current feelings and world view, but they can help you see yourself grow as the affirmations change slightly over time to become a more powerful statement of your words and thoughts.

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